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TWINJECTOR 0.05ml/0.1ml

TWINJECTOR 0.05ml/0.1ml

Our Twinjector Syringe is specifically designed to deliver two vaccines of differing viscosity in the same dose out of one needle. 


 -It features two independently adjustable dose ranges of 0.05ml each, 0.1ml each or 0.05ml and 0.1ml.l for the vaccination and injection of fish.


-Our new and improved counter system, held in a clear acrylic case and water sealed with a plastic cap and o–ring, provides an accurate count of the number of doses made for easy tracking of your team's efficiency and throughput.



- Robust chrome plated brass syringe is easy to maintain and will last many years if maintained correctly.

- It is a tough and robust syringe with no brittle parts to shatter if dropped.


- We ensured ergonomics remained as a key design feature.

-Vaccination teams identify the four finger trigger and round rubber grip as an essential design aspect that dramatically reduces the risk of muscle pain after extended usage.


It is the culmination of significant research and development in response to the needs of the animal health industry, part of working closely with our customers and incorporating their feedback into the development of our products.

The hand operated repeater syringe is able to be used with all oil and water based vaccines and also comes with a fishguard to help prevent needle stick. 

Fitted with two rear tube-feed connectors for easy connection to tube-feed vaccine bags and reservoirs.

All parts are still replaceable and we will continue to offer servicing and maintenance during the long life of your syringe.

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