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The benefits of becoming a distributor of our products are many, so please contact us for more information

  • Quantity Discount Structure
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  • Logistics and Tracking Support
  • Importation Documents supplied when required

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There are a number of Kaycee syringe models and types to choose from.  How do I know which is best suited for my needs?

Your choice of Kaycee syringe is primarily governed by the dose that you require. This choice can be aided by using the Dose-chooser on our website. Kaycee can, upon request, provide a fixed dose syringe calibrated to an alternate dose if required. Contact us with your requirements.

Are the doses on Kaycee Syringes adjustable?

Yes, there are 2 types of Kaycee syringe, Adjustable dose and Fixed dose. The adjustable dose syringes in the Ovijector range are equipped with a unique Click-Stop dose knob, which allows the user to alter the dose along a predefined series of doses. To assist you further, take a look at the dose-chooser on our website for more info. The syringes in the Fishjector and Microfish range are preset to a single dose, yet allow the user to fine-tune the preset dose by a margin approximately of +/- 5% with the use of a supplied allen-key. This function is most-suited to the Aquaculture sector that require fine adjustments to the dose. The Avijector syringe is a configurable fixed dose syringe, with 3 preset doses on each syringe to choose from - 0.25ml, 0.5ml and 1.0ml. The user is free to alter the dose at any time by removing the side arms off of the piston and setting them back to the required dose position. Each available dose is shown on one of the side arms. The highly accurate doses are not further adjustable.

Can I buy spare parts for my Kaycee syringe?

Yes! All Kaycee syringes are designed to allow all main parts to be replaced by the user, when required.

I already have a Kaycee syringe. Can I book it in for a Service, Repair or Re-calibration?

Yes. We are always happy to repair syringes and replace parts as necessary. We offer a chargeable full Service/Repair; comprising disassembly and thorough cleaning, visual and mechanical checking, followed by re-assembly and digital recalibration. The syringe is then re-boxed if required and sent back to you. Easy!

How long do Kaycee syringes last?

A Kaycee syringe can last for many years, as long as the syringe is cleaned after each days use and well-maintained by the user. Kaycee has customers who bought their syringes in the 1960s and 1970s who STILL use them successfully on their livestock to this day. All syringes are fitted with components that are easily replaced when required. Spare Parts are available direct from Kaycee in the UK or from the distributor nearest your region. Access the Distributors page on our website for your nearest distributor.