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New Website!

We trust that you will find the new look and navigation experience both clear and informative for your needs.

Here you will find an extensive range of our products that are both highly suitable and practical for animal healthcare across a wide range of sectors.

From syringes that administer repeatable and highly-accurate doses, to reusable hypodermic needles, consumables, spares and accessories. We have a range of products to suit the Aquaculture, Poultry and Livestock sectors.

Of course, Kaycee has been designing and providing our products for the past 60 years from the UK, using the best quality and sourced materials to ensure your purchases stand the ‘test of time’ in their intended locations. Our customer-base spans worldwide, from Distributors, Big Pharma, individual farms and end-users.

Purchasing a Kaycee syringe is an investment to complement your daily work, enabling you to get the job done in the most efficient and time-effective way. Season upon season and year after year.

Not to mention our pre-sales and after-sales support should you need answers to any questions that you have.

Please contact Kaycee via the contact us, email or by telephone for our friendly service.