• Twinjector
  • Spares
  • New Twinjector Syringe - Now Available

    Designed to deliver two vaccines of differing viscosity through one needle.

    Highly accurate separate doses of 0.05ml and 0.1ml. For use with all oil or water-based vaccines.


    With our truly ergonomic design Kaycee syringes are comfortable to use and allows for long sessions without operator fatigue.

    Meaning that the job gets done efficiently and ultimately reduce your animal vaccination costs.

  • Precision Components

    Made using high-precision components which are chrome plated.

    Doses are factory set using digital calibrators giving a highly-accurate and repeatable dose, time after time.

  • Fully Maintainable

    All the components of our syringes are easily replaceable. Full spare parts are available ensuring that your syringe will remain accurate and reliable through the seasons for years to come.

  • Range of Connections

    • Injection Bottle, via Multifit Attachment
    • Tube-feed
    • PVC Bottle
    • Luer-lock and threaded "Gewinde" Needles
    • Poultry Drencher

  • Supervax 5000

    Pneumatic hatchery vaccinator for day-old chicks.

    Subcutaneous injection in the neck or intramuscular injection in the leg of day-old chicks.

    For use with all oil or water-based vaccines.

Kaycee Veterinary Products
Efficient. Durable. Comfortable.

Welcome to Kaycee Veterinary Products Ltd. We have over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing veterinary syringes for the international animal health industry. You can rest assured in the high quality of animal vaccination injection syringes manufactured by Kaycee Veterinary Products Ltd - Efficient, durable and comfortable.

We promote animal healthcare through enabling the efficient vaccination of Poultry, Livestock and Fish with our durable, reusable syringes.

All our veterinary syringes have replaceable parts and are fully serviceable to ensure they will give you reliable results for many years.

  • Customer Feedback

    ‘Salmovac have been using Kaycee Fishjectors for over 10 years now and we still have some of the original guns. Their unique design means that all the parts are replaceable.....this means they can be quickly and easily fixed in the field....something which is vital for our business. The team at Kaycee provide a professional, friendly and unbelievably efficient service. We have never been let down by a late or incorrect delivery. We look forward to many more years of working with Kaycee!’

    – Kathy Taylor, Managing director of Salmovac.

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  • Customer Feedback

    "Rockfish Services Ltd chooses to use Kaycee vaccination guns for their simplicity, serviceability and reliability"

    -Kevan Wall.

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  • Customer Feedback

    “Peter and Liz Barton have been proud owners and users of Kaycee Veterinary Products for the past 30 years and vaccinated in excess of 3 million Pullets in that time. You could not wish for a better product or service”

    - Managing Director of Grassington Rangers Ltd.

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