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Supervax 5000

Supervax 5000

The Kaycee Supervax 5000 machine is designed for the efficient vaccination of day-old chicks. Choose from 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5ml.


It gives a subcutaneous injection in the neck or intramuscular injection in their leg, and can be used with all oil or water based vaccines. 


- Air-driven by a compressor using 4.2 bar (60psi) and functions without the need of electricity.
- The precision stainless-steel syringe accurately places a preset dose time after time.
- Dose cannot be wrongly set by the operator; to change dose, simply fit a different preset syringe in one rapid action. 
- Supervax 5000 can cycle at 5000 injections/hr. The operator's rate of handling chicks controls machine speed. Supervax never forces the operator's pace.


Using our Supervax:

- Learning with Supervax is therefore as gradual as the operator needs to gain confidence in the automatic process.

Placing a chick against the white button sends pulse to pneumatic logic, air passes to the main cylinder and the syringe drives forward.
- The needle injects the chick with a preset dose, then the main cylinder reverses and needle withdraws which refills the syringe.
- Totaliser and batch counter mark one count. When chosen batch quantity (eg. 100) is satisfied, the Supervax halts and signals operator to prepare next tray of chicks. Supervax is free to vaccinate again after pressing reset button.


- Stainless steel casing is easily washed.

- The stainless steel syringe is easily dismantled without affecting factory-calibrated dose so the fluid-ways and parts are easily cleaned, serviced and sterilised.
- Spares kits of syringe valves, washers, springs and seals are easily fitted. As it does not require electricity the machine is free of any shock hazards.



- Our Supervax 5000 is built to give years of service and the pneumatics are precision automation components with a working life rated in millions of cycles.
- Maintenance is minimal; the colour-coded circuit diagram shows which colour-coded pipe to plug into which numbered port.
- We have full repair capacity in case of more technical service requirement. We can also supply a quiet-running rotary-vane Hydrovane 5PURS with receiver tank in either 1-phase or 3-phase types, able to drive 10 Supervax machines simultaneously.

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