Serving the world of Animal Health

Kaycee have been producing a range of high-quality handheld repeater syringes for numerous species of animal for over 50 years. Our UK designed syringe range are still made in West Sussex, England, from UK sourced components.

We have a wealth of experience in the syringe market dating back to 1962 where the first repeatable syringes were designed to combat an extreme outbreak of bird flu in the UK. The success of our syringes quickly established Kaycee as the defacto method of administering health products into large stocks of animals. Quickly followed by products for Cattle, Sheep, Pigeon, Aquaculture and more, Kaycee has an extensive history of supplying the world with long-life, highly accurate handheld syringes.

What we do

Manufactured in the UK, Kaycee produces a range of high quality repeater syringes serving the international animal health industry. For use with all oil and water-based vaccines, each device is digitally calibrated for reliable dose accuracy.

A truly ergonomic and well-balanced design allows for long sessions while minimising operator-fatigue. Built using chrome-plated and durable components to ensure long life and protection from the rigours of outdoor use in the Agriculture and Aquaculture industries.